Thunderous Sumo slam heard around the world

Friday, October 21, 2016

Forcefully slamming an opponent to the ground in a fight is always an impressive sight, but never more so than when the man being sent crashing back down to earth is an enormous Sumo wrestler shaped like a cement mixer!

This battle of the giants took place at the 2013 US Sumo Open in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles, with widespread local interest in the event resulting in 4,000 people cramming into all areas of the venue, despite there only been seating for 3,000.

The heavyweight match-up featured in this video pitted the 6ft 1”, 350lb Mongolian, Ulambayar ‘Byamba’ Byambajav against the 6ft, 425lb American, Kelly Gneiting.

byamba-kellyByamba entered the ring with an impressive resume as a four-time World Sumo Champion who had also been a multiple time winner of the US Open and once featured in the blockbuster movie, ‘Oceans 13’.

Facing opposite him was Kelly, known as the ‘Man Of Fat Steel’, a five-time US Open champion who two years earlier had entered the Guiness Book Of Records as the heaviest man ever to finish a marathon.

After the traditional Sumo build-up it was time for the two titans to get down to business as they clashed in the center of the ring.

Despite being the smaller man on the scale, Byamba had the superior technique and he proved it as he executed an epic slam known in Sumo as Tsuriotoshi, grabbing Kelly’s mawashi with both hands and then effortlessly hoisting his enormous bulk into the air, before slamming him hard to the floor of the ring with an earth-shaking thud.

This was truly the slam heard around the world as footage of it would quickly go viral, generating millions of hits online within the space of a week, while it would also be broadcast on TV stations around the globe, with major networks like ESPN, FOX and NBC being among those who would air highlights of the match.

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