Arianny Celeste shows the safe and proper way to squat

Thursday, October 20, 2016

You’re reading this site, so chances are you want to improve your martial arts experience. Conditioning is a crucial part of martial arts, and it’s what makes the difference between victory and defeat, all other things being equal.

Among the bazillion exercises you could add to your routine in order to improve your overall conditioning I would argue that squats are a must. Squats are a compound movement; they work every major muscle group of your body. Convenient, eh?

That’s why they’re so useful for martial arts training. Increasing your strength as well as your flexibility is very important for a safe martial arts practice. In my humble opinion, you’re missing out big time if you don’t squat and/or deadlift.

 Let Arianny Celeste show you the SAFE and PROPER fway of doing squats
Let Arianny Celeste show you the SAFE and PROPER form for doing squats


Squats are amazing, alright. Now you just have to avoid common mistakes while squatting as those can cause serious injury.

Skip to the 00:20 mark. That is what you should NEVER do. Overloading yourself with weights is pretty dangerous. Who cares if you start with a very low weight? It’s better to gradually increase the weight of your barbell overtime than to seriously injure yourself.

There are tons of other mistakes you can do while squatting. Arching your back is a pretty common one. Your back should always be STRAIGHT. That is a golden rule that can make or break your squatting experience. Another rule of thumb is that you should keep your body and core tight the entire time.

Now have a look at how Arianny Celeste is squatting. Near flawless form, textbook execution. If you’re just getting started with squats and are looking for someone to mimic let the UFC ring girl show you the safe and proper way to do it!

[Source: Nerd Fitness]

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