Friday, November 25, 2016

When training in a striking based martial art such as Muay Thai or Boxing it can be very easy to get to caught up in protecting your head at all times, while leaving your body completely exposed for punishment that can literally take the wind out of you in an instant.

One of the best examples of a fighter who focused on body blows is UFC Hall of Farmer and former Pancrase and UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten, who became well known for his trademark ‘Liver Shot’ throughout his legendary career.


So when facing this kind of threat in the ring or cage, what exactly can you do to prepaire yourself for an incoming body assault?

In this edition of fightTIPS international pro Muay Thai fighter and personal fitness trainer, Shane Fazen teams up with fellow personal trainer and sports nutritionist Jerome Fitness to answer this very question.

Throughout the lesson you’ll learn about various exercises you can do to essentially develop armor for your body ranging from crunches, sit ups to leg raises and planks which will maximize your overall core strength and conditioning.

fightTIPS self-defense website started by international pro Muay Thai fighter and personal fitness trainer, Shane Fazen, fightTIPS is which is geared towards kids in school, adults in need, and even trained MMA fighters. Focusing on martial arts technique for self-defense, fightTIPS is a hub of step-by-step technique instructional videos, professional fitness advice, and anti-bullying advocacy.

With a YouTube channel that has reached well over 20million people, fightTIPS has helped many bully victims, people who are out of shape, and even professional fighters and athletes. fightTIPS has expanded with other channels like iPushBack, an anti-bullying movement and even an online virtual martial arts dojo called My Fight Gym.

New uploads to their YouTube channel are every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday! [Source: fightTIPS]

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