Friday, November 13, 2015

At 24/7 Entertainment 12 – State of Emergency last year in Odessa, Texas, Alida Gray answered the bell with a hop, skip, jump, and a massive overhand right. The fight ended in just five seconds, one of the fastest KOs in women’s MMA history. Gray, a 1996 Olympic alternate in Judo, won her debut MMA fight via arm bar, but this time it ended with an overhand right that Dan Henderson would have been proud of. Opponent Soannia Tiem, a Muay Thai specialist, fell to the mat with her arms eerily locked in a “hands up I surrender” position.


Twenty-Four Seven Entertainment is a regional mixed martial arts promotion that was active in Texas from 2011 to 2014, holding most of their events in Odessa, TX. They are now out of business, having held their last event in September of 2015.

HFS origins

One of the owners of the dominant and defining league in mixed martial arts was asked once to define the power of the sport.

“… there’s the holy s— factor,” he explained. “Actually, they said ‘the holy f—ing s— factor.’ It happens at every fight. At least one or two times in every show, whether you say it out loud or you say it to yourself, you go, ‘holy shit did that just happen?’ I mean, you might see somebody do a flip, get kicked in the head, get knocked out with a punch. At some point, you’re going ‘whoah, did that just happen? Did I really just see that?’ That’s the nucleus of what our product is.”

The UnderGround scours the sport to find those HOLY F@$%ING S#!^ moments from across the globe.

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