Competitive knife fight ends brutally but NOT how you think

Friday, October 13, 2017

What happens when you introduce knives into a martial arts fight? That was the scenario introduced in the bout captured in this video, and the outcome may surprise you.

The fight was undertaken by practitioners of members of the Kakuto Karate Koi Takinoboro school, a Russian based version of full-contact Karate that focuses on, “a wide arsenal of technical and tactical techniques for victory.”

Unlike traditional Karate schools, the IUKKK attempts to break free from the confines of rigid teaching methods and instead blends the experience of old Japanese martial-art disciplines with more modern techniques, strategies, and weapons.

The fight shown in this video took place during a full-contact tournament in which both combatants were equipped with a knife, but were also free to use their martial arts techniques as well.

It should go without saying here that these weren’t real knifes, but rather safe versions that could simulate a strike with a blade without actually causing serious or potentially life-threatening injuries, while as an added precaution, both competitors also wore headgear and a face mask.

That’s probably just as well, because, after a tense feeling out process, the fighter in the gray top burst forward on the attack, leading to both competitors landing a flurry of slashing knife strikes to the head.

The fight continued, and just as gray-shirt stepped in for another knife attack, his white-shirted opponent perfectly timed a head kick that knocked him out cold, followed up by several knife strikes to the body while he was immobilized on the mat!

The unexpected outcome goes to show that even in a self-defense scenario in which you are confronted with a weapon, there is still a place for traditional unarmed martial arts techniques.

However, it can’t be stressed enough that in a real-life situation where you are confronted with a bladed weapon, your life is in danger and your odds of a successful outcome are extremely slim, so your best option will always be to escape if at all possible rather than to engage.

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