Sunday, October 01, 2017

Master Ken is a martial arts master in the rare art of Ameri-Do-Te who is very popular on YouTube for his tongue in cheek videos like ‘How to fight an illegal Alien’ or ‘How to defend yourself against someone in a wheelchair.’

In this video, however, we see karate practitioner Jesse Enkamp give Master Ken a taste of his own ridiculous medicine as he tries to beat Master Ken at his own game of silliness.

In order to counter Master Ken’s dreaded Tiger Claw attack, Jesse recommends using an old school technique from traditional Okinawan karate. The technique involves squeezing and twisting your opponent’s hands and wrists in order to bring them down to the ground to which you then deliver a brutal knee strike right to the chops.

In the video, we also get an interesting history lesson about the origin of the similar famous ‘crane kick’ technique as seen in The Karate Kid. According to Jesse, this move actually originates from Chinese kung fu and was later adopted by Okinawan karate where it became synonymous with that style.

Traditional karate techniques like the crane kick have actually been used successfully in high-level MMA too, believe it or not. At UFC 129 in Toronto, karate practitioner Lyoto Machida crane kicked Randy Couture out cold and sent him into retirement with this technique so it can definitely be used effectively in the right hands, or legs more like.

Jesse also goes over a few more ways to defeat Master Ken in the video below, including one brutal tactic at the end of the video. A response video from The Master himself would be quite interesting as would a future video with both of them squaring off.

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