Karate YouTuber spars UFC fighter brother Oliver Enkamp – guess who wins

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

UFC newcomer Oliver Enkamp impressed audiences in his UFC debut earlier this year and though he came up short against a tough veteran opponent, Nordine Taleb, he showed a lot of promise and composure especially for such a young man.

In this video, we see the UFC young gun, Oliver Enkamp, sparring with his brother, Jesse Enkamp, who is becoming quite a well-known YouTuber for his karate focused videos.

According to Jesse’s website, both brothers originally got their start in karate as their parents were instructors in that art and owned their own dojo.

As they got older, though, their martial arts paths diverted somewhat as Oliver went the MMA route, as do many who start in traditional arts, and Jesse got more into his family’s karate roots.

Though this video is just meant to be a light and respectful sparring session between brothers of different styles, the UFC fighter, Oliver, dominates the grappling aspect, which really is no surprise.

But Jesse, the karate practitioner, is not completely unskilled on the ground through either and is able to defend pretty well. Karate is obviously a striking-centered art but many styles and schools still practice some grappling techniques.

Where Jesse’s best moments are during this session is on the feet though but he also has another trick up his sleeve that comes out towards the end of the video.

My name is Jesse Enkamp. I’m “The Karate Nerd”, #1 Amazon.com best-selling author, entrepreneur, traveler, athlete, educator, carrot cake connoisseur and founder of Seishin International.

My story starts in the dojo.

Growing up, my little brother Oliver and I would spend our days kicking each other’s butt in our parent’s martial arts center, in Stockholm, Sweden. Although my mom and dad were Karate teachers, they regularly invited other martial arts instructors to help pay the bills.

This early exposure provided me with curiosity and respect for all martial arts. [Source: karatebyjesse.com]

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