Ken’s Street Fighter moves performed flawlessly

Monday, April 03, 2017

For those not aware, Street Fighter is a series of fighting videos games made by Japanese video game developer Capcom and is Capcom’s best selling franchise worldwide.

Street Fighter has even been made into a full length feature film starring martial arts icon Jean Claude Van-Damme as well as a successful Japanese anime series entitled ‘Street Fighter II V.’

In this video from IGN we see stuntman and martial artist Eric Jacobus perform the moves of one of the franchises main characters, Ken Masters, who’s main fighting style in the game is shotokan karate.

The cool thing about the Street Fighter series is that the vast majority of the characters had real life martial arts styles such as karate, kung fu, muay Thai, sumo and more. And all of the characters moves and abilities did a good job bringing those styles to life in the video game world.

In the video, Eric does an amazing job performing all of Ken’s moves, performing them just about flawlessly. Those punches and kicks he is able to throw while upside down in the air during a flip would take an extreme amount of athleticism and dexterity to perform and he makes it look almost easy.

You even see Eric able to perform the legendary ‘hadoken’ technique in which launches a ball of chi energy at his target. The video ends after a series of crazy spin kick techniques KO the target in devastating fashion.

Who is Eric Jacobus? He’s like the American Jackie Chan, or Bruce Campbell if he could do karate, or Billy Jack with a beard and a sense of humor. Eric is a stuntman and performer who specializes in fast-paced action with a comedic flare. Based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, Eric produces and performs in short films with his action team The Stunt People, which he founded in 2001. [Source: YouTube]

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