Kyokushin karate vs. enormous street fighter – ends in 30 seconds

Saturday, October 28, 2017

In this old-school David vs. Goliath style video a Kyokushin karate fighter is seen testing his skills against a street fighter who has an enormous size advantage over him.

Little is known about the origins of the footage, other than the fact that the karate stylist featured in it is Kamil Maras, a Kyokushin practitioner from New Jersey who in the present day is a second-dan black belt and has years of experience competing in karate tournaments.

’Kyukoshin’, which is Japanese for ‘The Ultimate Truth’, is a style of full-contact karate founded by Mas Oyama in 1964 that has gone on to be extremely influential worldwide.

Oyama had a tradition of hosting open-weight tournaments in which anyone from any style and any size could join and compete in full-contact fights, though punches and elbows to the head and neck were not allowed.

It appears that the tournament in this video followed these guidelines, which explains how Maras found himself going up against a man who towers over him, appears to be twice his bodyweight, and is generously described as being a ‘freestyle fighter.’

Truth be told, the ‘Goliath’ here most closely resembles a street fighter in his approach, and without the ability to punch to the head his lack of skill means his options are limited.

As the bout begins he tries to bumrush his opponent and almost eats a kick from Maras for his troubles, before launching into an awkward, ineffective spinning kick that doesn’t find the target.

It’s already evident that the street fighter has no business being here and it’s not long before that’s proven beyond all reasonable doubt as he again charges forward and is greeted by a hard body kick from Maras, followed by a head kick that knocks him old cold and sends him crashing face-first onto the gymnasium floor!

As has been proven many times over the years, this video provides another clear example of how martial arts skill and technique can overcome size and strength.

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