Martial artist vs Iraq veteran with a 60lb weight advantage

Monday, November 28, 2016

Let’s face it, when it comes to fighting size matters. With or without martial arts training, a sixty pound weight differential is a lot of anybody to overcome.

The difference in size is important particularly in the striking department. Someone with that much of a size advantage is usually going to hit harder as well as being able to absorb more punishment throughout their larger frame.

There’s a reason there is an absolute division in grappling yet not in kickboxing. In striking exchanges your odds against a much larger opponent are not good.


The young martial artist in this video is able to overcome those odds though and he makes it look easy too. According to the YouTube video description “Old Martial Arts student Hard Heart visiting our state and willing to come work-out and spar the new generation.”

The video also points out the large difference in size as well as age. However, it’s quite clear early on in the video that the gap in skill and technique is far too large, even with the huge size advantage for the veteran.

The 16 year old martial artist is able to land huge head kicks at will. The veteran attempts a few kicks of his own early on in the session but quickly goes into survival mode after he realizes he is in over his head.

The veteran lands nothing of note throughout the entire sparring session while the martial artist is able to land several huge kicks and punches. He even drops his larger opponent twice and doesn’t let up on follow up shots on the ground either.

This video really points out the massive advantage a trained, talented martial artist possesses over an untrained opponent. The description even points out that the larger man thought his tremendous size advantage was enough to compete with his talented foe. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

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