New weapon for Japanese martial arts, the umbrellas

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The origin of common weapons used in Okinawan martial arts stems from 1470, when traditional weapons were confiscated by the occupying Japanese military. In response, the people developed ordinary tools into weapons.

Nunchaku were grain threshers. Sai were perhaps pitchforks or cart connectors. Tonfa were a rice or bean grinder. Bo was a walking staff. Kama was used for cutting grass. Iron Geta were sandals.

The Japanese too had a tradition of turning unlikely items into weapons, including the fan. After centuries of innovation, it is perhaps no surprise that Japan’s Tanaka Hiroaki has turned a modern umbrella into a weapon. He knows how to use two at once, too. Rain fears this man.

Kasa is the Japanese word for umbrella, so Tanaka is know as Kasamurai. It began during a drinking session, who it was suggested that an umbrella could be used for a katana. He sobered up, but the idea took hold, and the Kasamurai was born

Not content with the umbrella, the Kasamurai has extended his innovation into a variety of implements.

The Kasamurai shows his broom kata…

The Kasamurai shows his fans kata. This one has been done.

Okay, now the Kasamurai is getting a little weird. Shirts on hangers. Really dude??!?

Hmmm, this next and final one may give some indication where the shirts on hangers kata came from. The Kasamurai shows his ability with glow sticks.

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