Real life martial artist vs. Ryu from Street Fighter

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Across all versions of Capcom’s popular fighting series ‘Street Fighter,’ Ryu was consistently one of the toughest guys to beat in the game.

Though he lacked the power of bigger fighters in the game like Muay Thai destroyer Sagat or the bad guy Bison, he still had a lot of tools up his sleeve.

His character is said to have come from a karate background which is clear from his extravagant kicking techniques. Street Fighter’s featuring of real life martial arts was one of the coolest parts of the series and may have helped to pique the interest in martial arts for many young kids out there.

In the following well edited video, we see martial artist and stuntman Eric Jacobus fight the evil version of Ryu in an entertaining, inter-dimensional affair.

The evil version of Ryu that Eric is fighting is said to be a more powerful version of Ryu that was featured as a selectable character in many of the Street Fighter games.

Eric’s movements and techniques in this video are based off of a character from rival fighting franchise Tekken named Kazuya. And like Ryu he has an evil version of himself which we see halfway through this video when Eric grows devil wings which enable him with special powers.

Also like the character of Ryu, Kazuya comes from a karate background which is why this is such a competitive, fun match between two similar opponents in which Eric emerges victorious.

Who is Eric Jacobus? He’s like the American Jackie Chan, or Bruce Campbell if he could do karate, or Billy Jack with a beard and a sense of humor. Eric is a stuntman and performer who specializes in fast-paced action with a comedic flare. Based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, Eric produces and performs in short films with his action team The Stunt People, which he founded in 2001. You can also support Eric by buying his feature length films at [Source: YouTube]

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