Taekwondo vs kyokushin challenge match gets heated

Sunday, November 20, 2016

It doesn’t take long for this one to get heated as thirty seconds into the contest the referee has to physically separate the competitors.

This challenge match, which takes place in Pakistan in some sort of cement floored fortress, features a taekwondo practitioner taking on a kyokushin practitioner. Both are black belts in their respective arts.

Interesting to note that no protective gear is worn by either competitors. It is unclear what the rule set is too as this doesn’t appear to be simple point karate. These guys are going pretty hard and it’s bare knuckle no less.

About a minute into the video there appears to be some controversy as the shorter man appears hurt yet the taller man with the headband continues to strike him. He ends up landing a couple of hard kicks before the ref can finally intervene and separate the two once again.

He gets some payback shortly after that though when he drops his opponent with a series of solid punches. It seems like the shorter man is the karate practitioner as his attacks are more linear with more punching techniques compared to his opponent.


A nice spinning back kick is landed by the taller, headband wearing man at the 1:54 mark which confirms their styles as that is a pure taekwondo technique. It doesn’t appear to phase his opponent too badly though as he’s able to drop him again with his karate blitz, though it could have been more of a slip.

The taekwondo practitioner starts to pour it on towards the end of the contest, landing a series of axe kicks along with some roundhouse kicks.

It isn’t enough to steal the victory though as it seems like the karate practitioner is declared the victory at the end with his aggressive punching and multiple knockdowns. Though the match got pretty heated both appear to show mutual respect at the end, which is one of the tenets of traditional martial arts.

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