UFC veterans collide in full-contact karate tournament

Friday, June 09, 2017

This full contact match took place on April 13, 1993, which means it predated the first ever UFC. Interestingly enough, it took place in the very same arena as the first UFC and featured two guys who would eventually go on to compete in the UFC.

Patrick Smith is the much more recognizable figure to most MMA fans in this one. Though he had a short night in the first UFC, losing in the first round to eventual finalist and legend of the sport, Ken Shamrock, he really came back with a vengeance at UFC 2.

Smith looked like an absolute destroyer at the second UFC, finishing 3 opponents very quickly, a couple in very brutal fashion. He ended up losing in the finals to Royce Gracie but then again everybody did back then. It really shows you just how good Royce was that he was able to defeat such a dangerous guy like Pat Smith who was also way bigger too.

His opponent in this karate match, Gerry Harris, had just one fight in the UFC at UFC 7 in Buffalo against fellow big man Paul Varleans but fought overseas as well. He was a little too long in the tooth when MMA came about though but interestingly enough he ended up becoming head of the security for the UFC.

This karate match was part of ‘The Sabaki Challenge’ which was a full-contact karate tournament held annually that allowed the use of grabs, sweeps, and throws. It was seen as controversial at the time and promoted as bare-knuckle, which it was but it doesn’t look like punches to the head were allowed which makes the ‘bare-knuckle’ aspect redundant.

Patrick Smith is able to outland his much larger and lumbering opponent here in this match, awarding him the tournament victory as well as the championship.

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