Boxing champion vs. elite kickboxer – behold the power of the low kick

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

When a boxer fights a kickboxer under kickboxing rules the result tends to be the same the vast majority of the time.

While boxing techniques can definitely be effective in MMA as well as in self-defense, a kickboxer simply has way more tools and therefore more ways to win.

In this fight from 2004 broken down by striking analyst Lawrence Kenshin, we see a brutal example of such as an elite level kickboxer takes on a boxing champion named Arthur ‘King’ Williams and it doesn’t last all that long.

The kickboxer is named Alexey Ignashov and like the video points out he is one of the most talented fighters in K-1 history to have never won a major K-1 title.

We see right from the get go the low kicks of Ignashov giving the boxer, Williams, a lot of problems. The boxer clearly doesn’t know how to defend them, by checking, nor is he used to the range.

In boxing, you don’t have to be all that far away from your opponent to be safe, but against a kickboxer, you are still very much in danger from that range and have to stay farther away.

It doesn’t take long for the low kicks to add up and for the boxer to succumb to the abuse. Watch the video below and behold the power of the low kick.

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