Calm veteran vs. cocky 21-year-old kickboxer – intimidation fail

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The ability to keep your calm and composure in a fight can pay dividends to your success, be it in the ring, cage or even in a self-defense situation.

In this kickboxing fight, we see an example of that playing out as a cocky young fighter tries to intimidate his more experienced opponent during the stare down yet it clearly has zero effect on the veteran, judging by how the fight goes.

This fight is from just April of this year at the event KRUSH 75 and features Japanese kickboxer Yasuomi Soda, who’s the calm veteran, taking on a cocky younger opponent, named Daiki Matsushita.

We see in the pre-fight staredown Matsushita trying to bully and intimidate his much more experienced and accomplished opponent but Yasuomi Soda is not intimidated in the least bit it seems and simply laughs in his opponent’s face.

Trying to intimidate someone who’s had over 20 professional fights is not the best strategy and seems like a waste of energy especially when the fight is already at hand.

As far as the fight is concerned, it quickly becomes apparent that not only did Matsushita’s intimidation tactics have zero effect, but there is quite a large discrepancy in the skill department as well.

Yasuomi Soda seems like the much more polished guy as well as more technical and quickly overwhelms his cocky opponent, already dropping him just halfway into the first round.

The end comes not long after that. Check out the video below to see the big shot that finished his cocky, young opponent.

Yasuomi Soda is a Japanese kickboxer fighting out of the Silver Wolf Gym, the same gym of the legendary kickboxer Masato Kobayashi. He was the RISE kickboxing featherweight champion, winning his title against Japanese kickboxer Koji Yoshimoto.

Soda is considered one of the best kickboxers in the world. He was K-1 World GP 2014 -65kg Championship Tournament finalist and holds victories over notable featherweight kickboxers such as Minoru Kimura and Yuta Kubo. [Source: Wiki]

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