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In the modern era, actors are forced to stay in prime shape. Since Fight Club in 1999, shirtless scenes require a physique reminiscent of Greek gods. Such a requirement holds particularly true for superhero movies, of which Chris Hemsworth is very familiar with. Known for his portrayal of the Marvel character Thor, the Australian actor has worked tirelessly to achieve a body worthy of belonging to the Norse God. In order to attain this, he has followed a strict diet and grueling exercise regimen. In fact, for his first movie – Thor (2011) – he surpassed expectations and was initially unable to fit into the costume because he had packed on too much muscle.
[Source: LA Times]

Check out mighty Thor's skills on the pads
Check out mighty Thor’s skills on the pads

Workout routines must be diversified in order to target all muscle groups, allow for efficient recovery and maintain a sense of enjoyment. Hemsworth is able to achieve all three purposes by adding kickboxing to his exercise regimen. Under the guidance of his personal trainer Luke Zocchi, the Avengers actor practices multiple-strike combinations that display some promising technique. He keeps his chin tucked. On kicks, he raises his opposite hand to defend his face, while swinging the other down for balance. In addition, he is able to execute a double kick and a lead rear hand cross with fluidity.

Kickboxing is a highly effective workout. Repetitive kicking has been shown to develop defined abdominal muscles, not to mention strong legs. The punching aspect of the sport develops the shoulders and hip muscles. Kickboxing burns a lot of calories and is therefore useful for those seeking to shed body fat. The exercise has been proven to burn 450 calories per hour. The sport is heavily featured in all mixed martial arts gyms, in addition, it is offered in many general fitness gyms around the world.

Whether you’re looking to learn an extremely effective and destructive style of self-defense, or simply burn off some holiday weight, kickboxing is a unique and exciting way to do so.

About Chris Hemsworth:
Chris Hemsworth was born August 11, 1983, in Melbourne, Australia. He made his first television appearance in 2002 and made his movie debut in 2009. He has starred in three Thor movies, as well as three Avengers movies. He is married to actress Elsa Pataky, who have three children. [Source: Wiki]

About Luke Zocchi:
Luke Zocchi is a personal trainer who has vast experience in working with actors to prepare them for movie roles. He has developed the Twenty40 training program which focuses on either losing weight or gaining lean muscle. The program targets customers with busy schedules and therefore aims to achieve both goals in minimal time. [Source:]

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