France’s most famous rapper in kickboxing action

Thursday, November 03, 2016

You might not know about him but Booba (real name: Ellie Yaffa) is by far the most well-known French rapper today. It turns out that he is a pretty big combat sports fan as well.

Booba is, simply put, the Tupac/Biggie Smalls of French rap. He has been rapping for 20 years and has released thousands of songs over the years. He is one of the most famous French singers in the world, and certainly the most influential rapper to ever come out of France.

Booba grew up in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the surburbs of Paris. It’s important to note that in France combat sports have historically always been a big, defining part of suburban culture (along with soccer). It’s then only normal that French rappers (which for an overwhelming majority come from the suburbs) would often reference combat sports in their songs, or even partake in them.

Booba, influenced by the likes of Ramon Dekkers, has naturally come to love combat sports over the years, and most notably Muay Thai and kickboxing. He has trained in Muay Thai for a fair amount of years now and it’s natural that he wants to test his skills out once in a while in the ring.

France's most famous rapper in kickboxing action
France’s most famous rapper in kickboxing action


The two fights featured in the following footage were considered Muay Thai fights at the time although they, well, are kickboxing fights really. In fact, using elbow strikes on French soil was banned at the time those two fights were recorded, and is still banned to this day. MMA is still banned as well.

Booba is no slouch when it comes to kickboxing. Sure, his boxing acumen isn’t the greatest ever, and his hooks are often a bit sloppy, but he uses kicks well. He also knows how to take advantage of his tall frame. Check out the most famous French rapper kicking some ass in the ring.

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