Kickboxer FAKES getting knocked out to get out of fight

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The mental game is an often neglected, yet huge aspect of the fight game that some fighters have down to a tee and others not so much.

In such an intense and brutal sport like fighting, be it in MMA, boxing or kickboxing, it’s no wonder why being on your game mentally is so vital to being able to perform and doing what you are trained to do.

In this kickboxing fight, we see one such fighter who clearly has some issues with the mental game, either that or there are some shenanigans going on here.

This kickboxing fight from SUPERKOMBAT in Turin, Italy between the always tough Romanian, Cătălin Moroşanu, versus his American opponent, Maurice Jackson, is perhaps one of the most embarrassing examples of a fighter mentally breaking during a fight if that is indeed what’s happening here.

It barely looks like Moroşanu hits him and this guy, Maurice Jackson, collapses to the canvas as if he’s been hit with some crazy shot.

He eventually ends up getting up and resuming fighting, but as we see in the video below, the second knockdown is even more suspect and embarrassing. Check it out and see how it ends.

About Cătălin Moroșanu:
Cătălin Moroşanu (born June 30, 1984, in Cotnari) is a Romanian heavyweight kickboxer, politician and Dancing with the Stars Season 9’s champion of Romania. He is also a former professional rugby player. Moroşanu scored fifteen consecutive wins in the SUPERKOMBAT Fighting Championship and also holds the longest win streak in SUPERKOMBAT history (15). He has notable wins in the Romanian circuit against Anderson Silva, Carter Williams, and Stefan Leko. When he competed in the Local Kombat promotion, he beat Mighty Mo, Gary Goodridge, Freddy Kemayo, Sergei Gur, etc. Moroşanu is known for his wild, brawling fighting style. He has stated that he is a fan of Bob Sapp and even went so far as to compare his fighting style to him. [Source: Wiki]

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