Kickboxing legend Benny ‘The Jet’ vs. Muay Thai fighter – ends unexpectedly

Monday, September 04, 2017

Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez is a kickboxing legend as well as martial artist and actor. He is very much a pioneer of the sport of kickboxing as well as an important figure in the history of martial arts in general, particularly in the west.

Urquidez has a near perfect professional kickboxing record of 49-1 with 35 of those wins coming by knockout but in this fight from 1978 against a Muay Thai fighter, we see ‘The Jet’ look almost human for once.

His opponent in this fight was Thai fighter Prayut Srisontob and at the time, Muay Thai wasn’t nearly as mainstream as it is today.

At the time, American kickboxers mostly came from traditional martial arts backgrounds that didn’t make use of the low kick (arguably the most important kick), nor was kicking below the waist even allowed under most western kickboxing rules.

We see in this video that the low kicks of the Thai fighter cause a lot of problems for Urquidez who clearly wasn’t familiar with them. We also see the clinch of the Thai fighter give ‘The Jet’ some issues too.

This video is really a great example though of the limitations of Western style kickboxing versus Muay Thai which really is a complete striking martial art in comparison. Watch the video below to see how it ends.

Benny Urquidez is an American kickboxer, martial arts choreographer and actor. Nicknamed The Jet, Urquidez was a non-contact karate competitor who later pioneered full-contact fighting in the U.S. He made the transition from point to full-contact karate in 1974 – the year of its inception in the U.S. – frequently fighting in bouts where the rules were ambiguous and contrasts in styles were dramatic. Urquidez is also known for once holding the rare achievement of six World Titles in five different weight divisions, and Urquidez remained largely undefeated in his 27-year career. His only loss came in a Muay Thai which was shrouded in controversy, as Urquidez had only agreed to a no-decision exhibition, a clause which was ignored when the fight had ended. [Source: Wiki]

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