Kickboxing legend Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson vs. UFC 1 veteran

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson is a kickboxing legend who beat a lot of tough guys over his storied career including Maurice Smith, Dennis Alexio, and even fought UFC 1 veteran Art ‘One Glove’ Jimmerson which we see here in this video.

Wilson had a unique style that was ahead of his time in many ways. He would switch stances with ease and was no stranger to low kicks which many kickboxers of his time struggled with.

Wilson also came from a kung fu background and originally got into kickboxing because there was no other legitimate competitive outlet for kung fu practitioners to test their skills.

His opponent in this kickboxing bout was none other than UFC 1 veteran and boxer Art Jimmerson who was famous for wearing one glove in his one and only MMA bout against legend Royce Gracie.

Jimmerson had some success as a pro boxer but most would consider him a journeyman and ‘The Dragon’ proved to be too much for him in this kickboxing bout from 1987.

This bout is a great example of how effective kicking can be against a pure boxer as Wilson is able to land his strikes from much farther away.

Jimmerson did have a couple of moments here but ultimately lost by KO in the sixth round, awarding Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson the knockout victory.

Don “The Dragon” Wilson (born September 10, 1954) is an American 11-time professional kickboxing world champion who scored 47 knockouts in four decades, a European Martial Arts Hall of Famer and an action film actor. He stated many times before that he’s a kung fu stylist and saw kickboxing as an opportunity to put his skill to practice, as there was no such thing as full contact kung fu. He has been called by the STAR System Ratings as “Perhaps the greatest kickboxer in American history. He has disposed of more quality competition than anyone we’ve ever ranked”. [Source: Wiki]

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