Massive size difference in kickboxing fight – does not go as expected

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kaoklai Kaennorsing is a Muay Thai and kickboxing legend who was famous for fighting guys much larger than himself. From Hong Man Choi, Mighty Mo, Ray Sefo, and in this particular fight against heavyweight Alexei Ignoshov, Kaoklai was fearless and took on all comers.

Koaklai, also known very fittingly as ‘The Giant Killer,’ weighed just 175lbs in this fight while his opponent, weighed 260lbs. That is a massive size difference that would usually not be sanctioned under normal circumstances. Japan loved freak show fights though and Kaoklai had an excellent style and strategy for fighting much larger foes, using good footwork as well as keeping them at bay with teeps (front push kicks).

In this fight we also see a lot of flying attacks from Koaklai, leaping in with either a punch or kick which he lands several times. As previously noted, he is utterly fearless in close against his larger foe, landing punches and racking up points.

He uses his speed advantage very well in this bout too, narrowly avoiding a big head kick towards the end of the video that would surely have been game over had it landed.

Kaoklai incredibly outpointed and out-landed his much larger foe in this bout and earned a hard fought decision in this true David vs Goliath affair.

Kaoklai Kaennorsing (Thai: ก้าวไกล แก่นนรสิงห์, born September 13, 1983) is a Thai Light Heavyweight Muay Thai kickboxer. Kaennorsing is the winner of K-1 World Grand Prix 2004 in Seoul tournament, and the former champion of Rajadamnern Stadium at two weight divisions, and the current world champion of WBC Muay Thai at Light Heavyweight. At the time of his K-1 debut, on July 17, 2004 in Seoul, Kaoklai weighted 78 kg (172 lb; 12.3 st), the lightest and youngest fighter ever to win a K-1 Openweight tournament. His name Kaoklai means in Thai “to have a good future”. [Source: Wiki]

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