Mike Tyson’s ‘half brother’ Cliff Couser fights in kickboxing match

Friday, August 04, 2017

Cliff Couser is a professional boxer who is perhaps best known for claiming to be the half-brother of Mike Tyson, but that doesn’t appear to be 100% proven.

Nevertheless, there certainly appears to be some resemblance, at least in the looks department. In terms of fighting ability though, and perhaps athleticism, they don’t seem to be very similar at all like we see in the following kickboxing match.

While Couser had some success as a pro boxer, his brief stint in kickboxing here did not go that great for him. He clearly does not know how to check leg kicks and went in there thinking his boxing ability would be enough to overcome a kickboxer, named Masaaki Miyamoto, who wins a pretty one-sided unanimous decision here.

As a boxer, Couser didn’t have near the same success as his alleged half-brother but that doesn’t necessarily prove or disprove his claims. Couser didn’t receive the same tutelage under Cus D’Amato which really made Tyson the fighter who he was.

Couser’s professional boxing record is 26 wins (with 14 knockouts) with 22 losses and 2 draws as well as 2 no contests. So if anything he was a journeyman gatekeeper, but still, he had a couple of impressive performances in his boxing career including a TKO win over Monte Barrett.

Clifford Couser (born May 18, 1971) is a heavyweight boxer. Nicknamed “The Black Bull” and often “Twin Tyson” for his resemblance to Mike Tyson, Couser fought several contenders from his era. Couser has also claimed numerous times to be the half brother of Mike Tyson.

Couser turned pro in 1993 and has beaten notable fighters, such as James “Quick” Tillis, Jorge Luis Gonzalez and Monte Barrett.

His career peak was 25-10 until he lost to former Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion Michael Moorer and went 1-11 after that. He has won the Utah State Heavyweight title and also the North American Heavyweight titles. [Source: Wiki]

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