Muay thai fighter vs. enormous kickboxer – ends with perfect technique

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Under normal circumstances, Swedish Muay Thai fighter Martin Holm would be considered a large man, standing 6ft 2” tall and weighing 225lbs.

However, at the K-1 World Grand-Prix 2003, he was dwarfed by his opponent, the 6ft 11”, 350lb South African, Jan ‘The Giant’ Nortje.

Holm had originally started his career in Muay Thai, winning European and World Titles, before moving on to kickboxing, where he’d solidify his place as one of Scandinavia’s top fighters and fight major stars like Ernesto Hoost and Ray Sefo.

As for Nortje, his combat sports journey began in professional boxing, where he’d compiled an 11-0 record and he’d also dabbled in MMA, but the kickboxing ring was where he spent most of his career, going up against a succession of greats like Semmy Schilt, Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic, Jerome Le Banner and Peter Aerts.

In the early stages of their fight, Holm began chipping away at ‘the Giant’ with kicks to the legs and body, while Nortje was busy trying to switch the Swedish star’s lights out with his heavy hands.

Approaching the end of the first minute of the fight Nortje did briefly send Holm reeling backward after connecting cleanly with a left hand, but the Swede took it well and got straight back into the action.

Only a few seconds later, Holm suddenly launched into a perfectly placed flying knee to the liver of his opponent.

As is often the case when the liver is targeted, there was a delayed reaction as Nortje stood for a moment and then suddenly winced in pain and sunk to the canvas.

The referee started the count, but Nortje was oblivious and just continued to lie flat on his back, grimacing at the personal agony he was enduring from being hit in one of the most vulnerable spots in the human body, leading to Holm earning a 66 second KO victory.

Over the course of his career Holm would compile an impressive 60-9 record, but tragically he committed suicide in 2009 after struggling with depression.

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