Taekwondo vs Muay Thai ends in vicious KO

Monday, October 17, 2016

When comparing these two striking-based martial arts, upon first glance you have got to give the edge to muay thai. It seems to be much more practical and applicable both in fighting and self defense.

Taekwondo has some excellent kicking techniques in it’s own right but it is lacking in other areas. Taekwondo competition usually does not allow punching to the head. The creates a false sense of security so to speak where many of these fancy kicking techniques would not be practical if your opponent could blast you to the head with punch.

We see the taekwondo practitioner dominating pretty early on in this YouTube video. He is landing some excellent kicks. Shortly after the one minute mark though the muay thai fighter connects with a hard right hand that drops his opponent to the ground.


Another big edge muay thai possesses is in it’s clinching ability. It’s safe to assume clinching is not allowed in this match because that should have been the primary strategy the thai fighter would employ. It is quite easy for a muay thai practitioner to grab a hold of someone in the clinch and ragdoll them, landing knees in the process if they have not trained extensively to defend against it.

That doesn’t look to be the case in this match up though as the thai fighter is too eager to separate so there must have been special rules in place. It is also surprising the thai fighter is not throwing more leg kicks, another big weapon in muay thai.

The muay thai fighter ends the fight shortly after three minutes in with a big left hook. The TKD fighter had his moments as well, this was indeed a competitive fight, but you really get to see some holes that taekwondo has as a style in this one.

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