WATCH: fightTIPS guy fights in charity exhibition match

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Shane Fazen from fightTIPS is becoming very well known for his educational martial arts videos on YouTube but in this video, we see Shane put on the gloves and fight for real this time and it’s for a really good cause too.

This exhibition kickboxing bout against opponent Marcus Kowal was made to raise awareness and funds for Liam’s Life, which is a charity founded to honor Kowal’s son Liam who was tragically killed by a drunk driver when he was only just 15-months old.

As you can probably tell from the tons of people in the crowd who showed up to participate in this great cause, it was most certainly a success.

WATCH: fightTIPS guy fights in charity exhibiton match
WATCH: fightTIPS guy fights in charity exhibition match

Though, as Shane importantly points out before the fight starts at the beginning of the video, there are no winners or losers in an exhibition bout, especially a match with such an important cause behind it like this one. Both Shane and Marcus performed very well here and put on a good show for all of those in attendance.

Both guys even attempted a couple of very cool spinning techniques that you’ll just have to watch the video below to find out if they landed or not.

A lot of respect was also shown in this bout too, and rightfully so, as both guys are obviously high-level martial artists coming together for a great cause that you can find more about below.

Liam’s Life Foundation is set out to change the social culture around drinking and driving through awareness, education, and partnerships. Every 53 minutes a person loses their life to a drunk driving accident. Drunk driving is preventable. There are alternatives to getting behind the wheel after drinking. It is a personal responsibility and obligation we all have to ourselves and to others not to get behind the wheel intoxicated. [Source: Liamslife]

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