Watch Michelle Obama kickboxing on the heavybag

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama is in great shape for her age, and it turns out that part of the reason for that is the fact that she incorporates kickboxing into her workouts.

This fact came to light during a 2015 video, which showed Obama going through five moves from her workout routine to help promote staying fit as part of her ‘Let’s Move’ campaign.

The video begins with Obama jumping rope, a low-impact exercise used to warm-up and promote hand-eye co-ordination.

She then moves on to do various core-based exercises incorporating a medicine ball, followed by explosive in-and-out squats using a bench.

Despite being in her early 50’s, Obama also is not afraid of pumping iron, with the video showing her doing incline chest presses with 35lb dumbbells.

The workout was devised by Obama’s personal trainer, Cornell McClellan, who first met her 14-years earlier when she started working out at his ‘Naturally Fit’ gym in Chicago.

McClellan said that even all those years ago Obama made sure she found time to exercise, despite her extremely busy work schedule, sometimes even showing up at the gym at 5 a.m. in the morning!

McClellan is a life-long martial artist and so he opted to incorporate both boxing and kickboxing into the former FLOTUS’s exercise regime.

”We really love to use boxing for conditioning, for hand-and-eye co-ordination, for transferring of power – learning how to move from point A to point B, bringing your power with you, and because it’s fun,”
McClellan explained.

”It’s also good to then learn to incorporate kicks with it,” McClellan continued as Obama is shown throwing jab-cross combos and then ending with a kick on the heavy bag.

Of course, we are not talking K-1 level technical striking here, but for someone in their early 50’s, she’s doing a great job of staying in shape and demonstrating how martial arts can be incorporated as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

So, there you have it. Not only was Obama a kick-ass First Lady who consistently maintained a 65% approval rating throughout her husband’s presidency, but she can also quite literally kick ass too!

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