Wrestler vs sanshou kickboxer in style vs style fight

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The action in this one starts at the one minute and fifteen second mark. According to the YouTube description “a small MMA fight between me – a self-taught wrestling guy (yellow) and my friend, a sanshou kickboxing guy (black).” I’ve never really heard of a ‘self-taught’ wrestler before but I guess any grappling knowledge is better than having none at all.

Early on we see both guys cautious, kind of feeling each other out. The sanshou kickboxer lands the first big shot delivering a very powerful sounding kick. It is unclear what kind of kick it was or where it landed as the referee got in the way but I bet it hurt wherever it landed.




Kicking against a wrestler is always a risky proposition though. You’re pretty much handing over one of your legs when you do so. The self-taught wrestler gets the takedown with it but ends up in a guillotine choke, perhaps the kickboxer has some grappling knowledge as well.

The kickboxer has one of the wrestler’s legs trapped in half guard here and I believe it is rather difficult to finish from here. It’s certainly not a good position to be in though but at least he’s on top.

The wrestler is stuck in this position for a while but eventually his opponent gives up on it as he realized he wasn’t going to get the finish and was just tiring his arms out. The kickboxer then manages to get to his feet momentarily but the wrestler stays right on him. He attempts to take him down from the clinch but winds up getting reversed and ends up on his back. He then goes for a guillotine himself and uses it to get back on top.

From there he passes to mount with ease, his opponent clearly tired or even mentally checked out of the fight. He then snatches up the arm and gets the armbar submission victory.


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