Internet sensation Adelaide Saadvakass sets new record for speed punching!

Friday, December 04, 2015

At only six years of age, Adelaide Saadvakass has developed the speed in her punching to be able to punch clean through a sheet of newspaper.

The ability to punch through paper requires speed, accuracy, and technique. Adelaide Saadvakass’s personal record is punching through forty two straight sheets, seen here.

“The energy and enthusiasm Adelaide shows during training is amazing,” reports her father. “For her, it is just a fun game. Who wouldn’t have fun tearing through newspapers?”

“At the same time, Adelaide is a very diligent athlete,” he continues. “She never misses a training session and happily finishes all her tasks during that session. She has a very strong character and even stronger work ethic. At only six years old, she has already developed her own unique style. She is very technical.”

The Saadvadkass family is confident that young Adelaide will continue to surprise them and the world with her abilities.

Adelaide is the young sister of Evnika Saadvadkass, who has already gained world wide acclaim for her punching speed and amazing boxing ability. Both girls developed their speed using a a training tool developed by their father Rustram, the ‘Simulator Evnik‘.

Rustram posted the first video of his daughter Evnika training two years ago and they went viral across the internet. Her videos have gotten over five million views on YouTube and she has been featured on countless websites and also news broadcast across the world.

Evnika even caught the eye of the Ultimate Fighting Championship which featured her in a promotional video for the #RouseyRevolution. Her ability has also gotten her attention by film makers and she is currently in production for a feature film overseas.

Her father shared this awesome picture of her on set:



Evnika on the set in a location, Viking Village
Evnika on the set in a location, Viking Village