Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Well, we all know that Russians are renowned for being baddasses, and this video just shows just how young they start.

This newly surfaced footage shows two young Russians training in their family home, as their impressed father and older brothers look on.

The pair both demonstrate amazing technique as their proud father gives instructions. The two young fighters aged about 6 and 9 look like seasoned professionals, showcasing a wide range of punches and kicks and unbelievably competent pad work.

Tiny kid holds pads like a pro - youngest trainer ever?
Tiny kid holds pads like a pro – youngest trainer ever?

A Traditional Russian rug as their stage, the two prodigies flawlessly evince their abilities.

The younger of the two “manning” the pads, showing great skill beyond his years as he puts his slightly older brother through his paces. From one-two combos and powerful hooks to spinning back kicks to hard low kicks, the little trainer absorbs each blow like a veteran.

I’d put my bottom dollar on these two hitting the big time when they’re older.

There have been other fighters who started young and made it big, such as; George St-Pierre, Ronda Rousey and the new upcoming sensation Sage Northcutt. Although I’ve never seen a case of a fight trainer ever being as young as this little guy.

Could this tiny kid be the youngest martial arts trainer in the world?… I think he might just well be.

Here are a few pad work tips for beginners:
1. Keep it Simple: Work on single strikes first, and as you get more comfortable holding the pads you can start adding in some combos.

2. Simulate a target: Pad holding has to mirror the intended targets your partner would be striking at. Keep the pads close to your body if you’re holding for a body kick, if it’s a jab-cross, the pads should be next to your face, etc.

3. Make it real: Move around and throw strikes at your partner. This will expose flaws in your partner’s game, and will also improve your partner’s defense and reaction time.