Annoying guy gets put in his place by smaller man

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ah yes, the classic “inebriated moron gets what’s coming to him” YouTube video. Clips like these have the propensity to raise your blood pressure in the first few minutes of the video and release a stream of dopamine to your pleasure pathways towards the end; which is kind of apropos when you think about it, since dopamine plays a large factor in addiction, and one of the two gentlemen in the fight below seems like he may have a dependency problem. That, however, is purely speculation.

We enter the scene with two men circling one another, much like two men tend to circle one another when they are about to engage in a game of face punch (which should clearly be the title of Steven Seagal’s next movie. By the way, the first result that Google provides when searching for “Steven Seagal face punch” is pretty fantastic).

Right off the rip, we see the larger man in the white shirt throw his arms up as if to say “I don’t care what you’re saying to me, I’m going to keep being an idiot.”




This is immediately followed by a comment from a woman off-camera, who sounds like a valley girl with a mouth full of marbles. If you listen carefully and sort through the profanity, you can pick out the word “jail”, which should give you an indication of where our taller friend may be spending the night after this video ends.

The taller guy keeps playing the A-hole role by pressing forward as they smaller man in the black shirt warns him not to get close.

So, what happens next? Face punching, that’s what.

Check out the YouTube clip and listen closely to the end of the video, where the man in the black shirt gives us a little insight as to why the two men may be fighting.

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