Backyard brawl ends in devastating fashion with high-level technique

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The following YouTube video contains three fights between with what looks like one guy with training while his opponents all have no clue. You would hope that someone who is strong willed enough to go through martial arts training would be disciplined enough to not beat up others for sport – but that is not the case in this one, unfortunately.

They do look to be quite young however and teenagers are still developing and not known for excellent decision making. Let’s hope they all learned their lesson after this one and did not continue this behavior.

It’s quite easy to tell who the kid with training is as soon as the first fight begins. Physically he looks like your average kid but his technique is actually quite good. He’s throwing leg kicks and has a heavy right hand while his opponent is strictly on the defense. He’s not doing a good job though.

He’s moving straight backwards, he doesn’t known how to properly block or avoid punches. You can almost feel it coming.

A spinning back fist from hell! It makes a loud WHACK and puts this poor kid down instantly. Now it’s not cool to be fighting people when you have training and they don’t.


The trained fighter possesses a huge advantage. But what I like is that the kid didn’t follow up and hit him or kick/stomp his opponent after he went down which you tend to see in many street fight videos, especially involving young people. Nobody had to pull him off either. He saw that his opponent was done and let off. He showed he had some class.

The next two fights involve the same kid beating up two more defenseless guys. One being quite a bit bigger than him. They don’t end as dramatic as the first one however but are still quick, one-sided beatings.

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