Bully attacks victim from behind – karma steps in

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

There are not many acts that are more despicable than attacking a random person but a close second to that is attacking an unsuspecting victim.  It is one thing to have an issue with another person and then have that issue escalate until the end result is a physical altercation; as a society we have unfortunately deemed this as normal and in some cultures acceptable and we even find great entertainment in watching these videos evidence by the fact that I am wrote this article and you are currently reading it.  However; to simply attack an unsuspecting victim violates all rules of the unspoken code, if there is one, in the world of street fighting.

In the video below, we see that exact violation.  It is unclear whether or not the girl who is attacking and clearly on the offensive is bullying the other girl or what, if any, the issue that led to this event was however; what is clear is that the girl being attacked was definitely unsuspecting of the events that were occurring as she had her back turned to the aggressor.


Bully Attacks Article


In the events that follow what we see play out is a cinematic display of what is commonly referred to as street justice.  Street justice occurs when someone clearly has broken one of the many unspoken rules of street fighting and karma rears her beautiful head almost instantly.  The aggressor in the video below not only gets exactly what she deserves but also has to live with the embarrassment of the event as it was caught on camera and posted on YouTube for the entire world to see!

Check out the video below to see exactly what happens to this bully when she attempts to attack an unsuspecting victim from behind…

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