Monday, March 27, 2017

The gigantic fat guy in this video looks like he could knock down buildings with his bare hands, but it’s fair to say this street fight didn’t exactly go how he’d planned.

It would be hard to over-exaggerate just how big this guy is. As wide as he is tall, he appears to be the perfect embodiment of a human bowling ball and the mind boggles at the grocery bill involved in keeping this veritable man mountain adequately fed and watered on a daily basis!

In all fairness, his opponent in this school fight looks fairly big himself by normal standards, but compared to the Goliath in front of him he’s just a small fry.

It’s not clear why the two decided to fight in the first place, but as the video beings Goliath is already squaring up to his rival, who looks around him at the crowd of classmates who have quickly gathered around them, and then takes his rucksack off.

The fight soon gets underway and the smaller guy misses with a left hand and then Goliath gets into the clinch.

Given his huge weight advantage you’d think this would be a great position for the giant to start using his bulk to manhandle his opponent, but instead he’s slow to react and eats a few hooks at close range.

Goliath tries to fire back, but his rival moves away and he ends up swatting nothing but fresh air.

As Goliath moves towards him, the smaller guy suddenly connects flush with a left hand to the chin and that’s all it takes to knock the giant out cold, folding him like a cheap suit.

Goliath essentially collapsed in on himself on the way down, leaving him crumpled up unconscious on the concrete in a bizarre position, leaning backwards with his legs tucked under him at the knees and his belly sticking way up in the air.

So, there you have it, the guy with the super-heavyweight build was let down by his paperweight chin and provided valuable evidence for our new working theory that, ‘The bigger they are, the weirder they fall!’

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