Unexpected KO happens in seconds

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The backstory to the footage seen below is unclear but what is clear is the outcome.  When faced with adverse circumstances and stressful situations, a person tends to act or react in a manner that is fitting of the situation and the video below is no different.

The man without a shirt seems to have some sort of martial arts background or at least quite a bit of street fighting experience however; we don’t really get a chance to see his skillset as the actual fight lasts about four seconds after the first strike is thrown.

Squaring up and judging the distance, the man without a shirt throws a couple of well-placed teep kicks indicating some martial arts knowledge and to any experienced viewer indicates that if his adversary does not have any experience or martial arts skill set then it could be a long day for him.


Insane KO Article


The intricate details of the combatant without a shirt on is what tells the story of this bout; particularly his stance and footwork.  After the distance is judged and his adversary kept at bay with the teep kicks, the gentleman without a shirt throws a couple of quick jabs from the southpaw stance.  Whether this was done intentionally to throw his opponent off or simply a byproduct of an approaching threat it seems to work flawlessly.

The man without a shirt quickly switches stances to an orthodox stance meaning that his power hand is now on the same side that he just threw a pair of range finding jabs.  With devastating accuracy and power, the stance switching combatant throws a couple of right hands that find its target with brutal consequences.

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