Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 has been rife with amazing knockouts thus far.

From Paul Daley’s crushing flying knee KO of Brennan Ward in Bellator, to Francis Ngannou’s dismantling of Andrei Arlovski, to Yair Rodriguez’s crushing of BJ Peen, it makes no doubt that 2017 is currently making a strong case for one of the most exciting years in MMA. And well, we might already have our ‘KO Of The Year’ winner.

Last saturday, Brando Mamana and Adi Paryanto faced off in a World Strawweight Championship bout that took place in one of Asia’s rising MMA promotions, One Pride MMA. Mamana held a professional record of 2 victories and 1 loss heading into the contest; Paryanto was undefeated, boasting a 3-0 record.

Mamana and Paryanto both are young (respectively 23 and 24) and are considered serious prospects. Both men have serious striking skills; Mamana has a Wushu background while Paryanto has trained extensively in Muay Thai.

Did someone say 'KO Of The Year'?
Did someone say ‘KO Of The Year’?

So, what happens when you pit two young, talented, hungry strikers against each other in a world championship fight?

Fireworks, that’s what.

Paryanto, in the blue trunks, starts off cocky, crawling towards his opponent à la Jon Jones. Despite the fact that he’s fighting for a world title it seems like he manages to stay pretty composed. He’s loose and relaxed, obviously very confident in his ability to run through his opponent.

But appearances can be deceiving.

Withing seconds of the contest Mamana goes for a leg kick. Paryanto dodges backwards with his hands down.

Bad idea.

Mamana follows up with a textbook spinning back kick that lands flush on his opponent’s chin! Mamana follows up with a punch but Paryanto was already knocked out unconscious before hitting the canvas. Talk about devastating violence. On top of becoming the new One Pride MMA World Strawweight Champion Brando Mamana might have already scored 2017’s most impressive KO.

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