Friday, October 21, 2016

Alright, brace yourself because what you are about to see is absolutely heart-wrenching. You probably have witnessed hundreds of knockouts, but this one will likely stand among the most horrific ones you’ve ever seen.

Knockouts are bound to happen in striking-based martial arts and we’ve all have seen plenty of them. Some are brilliant from a technical standpoint, some are ‘fluke’ shots, and some are outright brutal. Even though we as fans of martial arts are used to watching violence we can’t help but to cringe sometimes.

Let me introduce you to what is probably the most brutal knockout of the year.

The fighter with the red gloves throws a well-timed body jab. He throws another one, likely in order to bring his opponent’s guard down and expose his face… and it works. The fighter with the blue gloves throws a jab but without much conviction.

Big mistake.

Is this the most brutal boxing KO of the year?
Is this the most brutal boxing KO of the year?


The fighter in red takes the opportunity to land a monstruous overhand right that essentially knocks his opponent out cold while still on his feet. The fight could’ve have been over if the fighter in blue fell to the ground but unfortunately for him he’s still standing.

The fighter in red, who’s exhibiting great speed, seals the deal with a quick, powerful 1-2 combination that hurts his opponent even more. The 1-2 basically landed on an unconscious (but still standing) opponent. The fighter in red’s last strike, a straight right, is so powerful that it rocks the unconscious fighter back, sending him to the ground.

And that’s all she wrote. Absolutely devastating knockout, and the kind of finishes you rarely see. The knockout appears even more brutal when you’re aware of the risks associated with brain damage resulting from strikes. Although he suffered a heart-wrenching knockout it has been reported that the fighter in blue was actually OK after the fight.

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