Friday, November 18, 2016

There’s nothing like a skinful of alcohol to make a guy thinks he’s invincible, but as the teen in this video learns the hard way, while the demon drink may give you ‘Dutch Courage’, it doesn’t provide a cure for a glass chin.

The incident took place at a house party, with enough alcohol having been consumed that the loudmouth in question, named Scott, thought that now would be a great time to host an impromptu punching competition.

”Are we going?” the intoxicated youth yells asks the cameraman as the video begins, making sure that the idiocy that he’s about to partake in will be committed to film.

chin-check-failThe guy then gets one of his friends to turn side-on to him and punches him on the chin – though to be fair he doesn’t land it too hard.

”Right, punch me in the f***ing face now, come on!” the wannabe tough guy demands.

The guy tasked with returning the favor looked hesitant to do so, but the drunk wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

”Punch me in the f***ing face!” he shouted again.

And so his friend duly obliged, launching an absolutely terrible punch with no technique whatsoever.

However, it still landed directly to the tough guy’s jaw and switched his lights off instantly, with his chin sinking to his chest and his legs giving out under him as he drops hard onto his butt unconscious, thumping against a cabinet behind him on the way down.

”Sorry, Scott!” the puncher apologized, sounding not all that sorry, as other party-goers laughed their heads off at what they’d just witnessed.

Do we really need to state that this was a foolish idea? If anyone finds themselves in a position where they willingly allow someone to punch them square on the chin then it’s almost certainly not going to end well, and they deserve everything they get!

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