Over-sized meathead claims he can take guy’s hardest punch

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you’re immune to getting knocked out, as the foolish guy in this video found out firsthand when he tried to show off how tough he was.

The unwitting laughing-stock of the show here is Yuri, who has clearly convinced himself that with his large, bulky heavyweight frame and over-sized meathead that he’s an unstoppable force of nature.

As such he’s challenged the slimmer, athletic looking guy in the tank-top to punch him on the chin as hard as he can, believing that he’ll eat his best shot like a slice of cake.

They square up to each other and Yuri shows no fear as he begins slapping his chin, encouraging the guy wearing the boxing gloves to take a swing at him.

The boxer duly obliges, uncorking a left hook straight to the chin that lands right on the button and instantly knocks Yuri out cold, sending him crashing to the ground with an almighty thump – proving beyond any doubt that the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

The puncher doesn’t feel good about what he’s just done and rushes over to tend to his unconscious comrade, taking out the mouthpiece he had in, which only accentuates Yuri’s loud snoring as he continues to get his unplanned nap.

It takes 90 seconds before Yuri finally starts to come to, by which time the guy who KO’d him has inadvertently done everything you shouldn’t do to someone suffering from a concussion in an effort to wake him, including roughly shaking his head back and forth and trying to pick him up.

Even if you do have a granite chin, inviting someone to punch you in the face is just asking for trouble.

As anyone who watches combat sports will know, even the biggest, toughest, hardest-headed men alive can be stopped from a single strike and will eventually lose their ability to take a punch, so unless you have a burning desire to have brain damage, don’t be like Yuri!

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