Teen hangs tough until unexpected strike ends fight

Friday, March 10, 2017

These two youths took no prisoners as they traded blows in this scrappy battle, until one unexpected strike brought an abrupt end to the brawl.

The teenage friends were testing themselves against each other in a makeshift ring made out of cardboard boxes, wire fencing and rope that looked like it was set to cave in at any second.

At least the two had enough sense to wear boxing gloves, but safety seemed the least of their concerns as they tried to take each other’s heads off.

The action is well underway when the video begins, and indeed one of their friends watching from ringside is already calling for a time-out, but that’s ignored as the kid in the red gloves tees off on his opponent in the black gloves, ripping hard shots to his body when he tries to cover up.

Black-Gloves shows heart to withstand that shellacking and then attempts to return fire with a flurry of his own, but he lacks technique, standing square with his chin up as his punches bounce ineffectually off his target’s gloves and arms without any leverage behind them.

On the other hand, Red-Gloves has clearly had some training, picking his moments to engage and mixing up his strikes with hooks and uppercuts being throw in with straight punches, while he’s constantly moving to make the most of the confined quarters they are fighting in.

Up until this point the fight has appeared to be a regular boxing match, but as they clinch up Red Gloves suddenly reaches for the Thai clinch by putting his hands behind his opponents head (not the easiest thing to accomplish with boxing gloves) and then unleashes a brutal knee to the body that instantly floors him.

”I’m done!” Black-Gloves yelps as he writhes on the floor in pain from that fight-ending blow.

This fight appeared to be consensual, but nonetheless it doesn’t seem like the best idea and so we would advise against others trying to replicate what they are doing.

A better plan would be for the teens to channel their energy and enthusiasm into honing their skills at a gym under the supervision of adults.

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