Monday, February 20, 2017

This past weekend’s MMA action delivered a classic example of what happens when showboating in the cage goes horribly wrong.

It all went down at British Challenge MMA 18 in Colchester, England as two amateur fighters, Johan Segas and Joe Harding clashed in the cage for the promotion’s interim featherweight title.

Harding was the more experienced fighter of the two, wielding an 8-2 amateur record heading into the contest, while Segas had just a single victory to his name.

Landing some solid strikes in the opening two rounds, Harding seemed to be enjoying himself perhaps a little bit too much in the cage as he showboated and danced around his opponent.

It was more of the same in the third round, and after backing up his opponent with a head kick attempt followed by a jab, Harding began playing to the crowd and taunting his opponent again by breaking out into a dance move in the center of the cage.

Segas, who is appropriately nicknamed ‘Silencer’ didn’t show up to participate in a dance-off though, and so he just launched a vicious head kick that connected perfectly and knocked his opponent out cold.

It was a particularly devastating blow and left Harding lying unconscious for several minute before he finally came too.

News of the incident spread like wildfire and video footage soon went viral, with even UFC President Dana White reposting it on Twitter, telling his 4.3 million followers that, “I hate when guys do this shit and this is what happens when u do!!!!!”

Some fighters are able to get away with pulling stunts like this and in fact the UFC’s new bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt showboated in a similar fashion during an impressive decision victory over Dominick Cruz at UFC 207 in December.

However, as the publicly humiliated Harding can now testify, the risk that comes from showboating far outweighs the reward!

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