Wednesday, November 15, 2017

In MMA, there are really two types of fans – the hardcore fans and the casuals. For hardcore fans, no other sport really compares and many of us know the ins and outs of the sport like the back of our hand.

For the casuals, though, whose main interest lies in other sports, the 20 facts in this video may very well take you by surprise and for the hardcore fans, there may be one or two in there that you didn’t know.

For instance, according to this video, each UFC belt is worth approximately 330,000 dollars in gold. That’s a lot of dough. Especially when considering all of the interim belts the UFC is throwing around these days. Former middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, said the same thing in an interview a couple of years back yet said he still wasn’t really sure if he really believed it was worth that much.

20 random MMA facts you never knew
20 random MMA facts you never knew

Another interesting fact in the video is the meaning behind GSP’s chest tattoo. Usually, these kind of Japanese Kanji tattoos are kind of corny and translate to something random like ‘butterfly’ or ‘waterfall’ but in GSP’s case, there is a little more substance to it. According to the video, his tattoo means that there are two sides to him – he can be very nice, or quite the opposite like when he fights, which we saw come out at UFC 217 against Michael Bisping.

Perhaps the most interesting fact of the entire video is what the original creators of UFC 1 had in mind for the first UFC. They wanted to have a moat surrounding the cage filled with alligators and as if that wasn’t enough, they wanted the fence to be electric as well. It’s a good thing that cooler heads prevailed as if that were to come to fruition, MMA might not be around today or could have gone in a much stranger direction.

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