3 BRUTAL leg attacks for MMA or self-defense

Friday, September 15, 2017

Low kicks may not be as flashy as high kicks but they are more likely to land and most people on the street in a self-defense situation have no idea how to defend against them and will quickly succumb to a good low kick.

In this video from martial arts YouTube channel fightTIPS, we see former UFC welterweight and now Bellator top contender, Lorenz ‘The Monsoon’ Larkin, give us some tips on how to land a few different variations of low kicks and strikes to your opponent’s legs and lower body.

The first technique covered is an interesting combination starting with a seldom seen hammer fist to your opponent’s thigh, then followed up with a standard leg kick. Larkin says you can set up this creative combination with a jab and it’s like landing two strikes for the price of one.

The next technique covered in Larkin’s trademarked ‘Monsoon’ push kick. It is very similar to Jon Jones’ oblique kick, only Larkin’s is to the body and is more of a push kick.

The last move covered in this video is another very creative and rarely seen kick – the spinning heel kick to the leg. What’s cool about this technique is that it doesn’t really matter if your opponent checks it or not. Wherever it lands, be it your shin, ankle, knee, or thigh, it’s going to hurt and do damage.

The top ranked Larkin made news this past year when he signed with Bellator MMA, making him one of the promotion’s top signings. Though he came up a little short in his debut against Douglas Lima for the belt, ‘The Monsoon’ is only getting started and has a ton of cool tricks up his sleeve like we see in the video below.

fightTIPS teaches you how to fight with street fight and anti-bullying self-defense, including martial art technique and fitness tutorials to win a fight and increase confidence. Avoid a fight at all costs, but when you can’t — avoid injury.
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