400lb Sumo champion vs 230lb kickboxing legend – guess who wins?

Friday, June 16, 2017

In this MMA fight, we see what happens when a 400lb sumo wrestler fights one of the greatest kickboxers of all time – Peter Aerts.

For the sumo wrestler, Baruto Kaito, this was his first ever MMA fight after a sumo wrestling career that saw him reach the top division where he would win a top division championship in 2012.

For Peter Aerts, on the other hand, this was his third ever MMA bout, going 1-1 in previous bouts after a very long and storied kickboxing career. It’s important to note though that Peter Aerts was 45-years-old at the time of this bout while his opponent was just 30-years-old.

Baruto was also about 170lbs bigger (the size of another man!) than Aerts here though so not only did he have youth on his side but a massive strength and size advantage that we see play out here over the course of this bout.

Despite a few brief moments from Aerts here, Baruto pretty much dominates the aging kickboxing legend in this bout. He uses his size and strength very well here and comes in with a good game plan of either taking Aerts down or pushing him up against the ropes.

After this bout, Baruto would later compete in the Rizin 2016 World Grand-Prix where he did pretty well, dominating MMA legends Kazuyuki Fujita and Tsuyoshi Kohsaka in similar fashion before losing to eventual tournament winner Mirko Cro Cop in the semi-finals.

Baruto Kaito is a former professional sumo wrestler and current mixed martial arts fighter from Estonia. Making his debut in May 2004, he was one of only two Estonians ever to join sumo in Japan. He reached the top division after just two years in sumo in May 2006. After suffering a number of injury problems in 2007 which delayed his progress, he reached the third-highest rank of sekiwake in November 2008 and was promoted to ōzeki rank after finishing the March 2010 tournament with a score of 14–1. He was a tournament runner-up four times before recording a top division championship in the 2012 January tournament. During his career, Baruto also earned five special prizes for Fighting Spirit, one for Outstanding Performance and one for Technique. [Source: Wiki]

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