6 Reasons the left hook is the best strike in martial arts

Monday, June 12, 2017

In this video, famed MMA coach John Hackleman explains why he believes that the left hook is the best strike in all of the martial arts.

Hackleman is speaking from experience as he’s the founder of The Pit gym and first rose to prominence as the head coach of UFC legend Chuck Liddell, while he’s also since trained other stars of the Octagon like Glover Teixeira and Court McGee.

So, why is it that Hackleman claims that “without a doubt” the left hook is the best strike?

In the video, he offers six reasons, which we’ll look at in more detail below.


In an orthodox stance, the left hook is the closest power punch to your opponent.


Mechanically, the left hook is able to generate a serious amount of power without the need to wind up and telegraph your movements by correctly throwing your hip into the punch.

“It’s like swinging a rock on a rope,” Hackleman says. “Your arm is a rope, your hand is a rock and your hip swings it really hard.”

 While other power punches can leave your hips exposed and increase the risk of being countered by a takedown, the left hook turns your hip away from your opponent, making you much less vulnerable in that regard.

Easy Access

The left hook offers easy access to two of the highest value targets on your opponent, the chin, and the liver, providing the opportunity to land fight-ending or fight-altering punches.


Many strikes can leave openings for your opponent to land a counter-strike, but the mechanics of a left hook leave you much less exposed.


Hackleman enthusiastically emphasizes how versatile the left hook can be, joking that is like a “party punch” that can do whatever you want, coming on from all different kinds of angles.

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