6 strategies to beat someone MUCH larger than you

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Let’s face it, size definitely matters when it comes to fighting, there’s no question about that. If there is no significant difference in the skill department, the bigger, stronger person is going to have a pretty big advantage that will be difficult for the smaller person to overcome.

This video from YouTube channel MMA Shredded has your back, though, as professional MMA fighter Jeff Chan gives us some strategies that can help the smaller person overcome a size disadvantage and emerge victorious over a larger opponent.

Since the vast majority of kickboxing and MMA promotions have strict weight classes, this type of small vs big scenario is usually only going to occur on the street in a self-defense situation.

With that being said, it’s important to point out that fighting in the street should always be avoided at all costs. Each and every street fight has the potential for life or death and walking away and living to fight another day is always the best solution. If someone leaves you no other choice, however, these tips and strategies here in this video could very well help.

6 strategies to beat someone MUCH larger in MMA or on the street
6 strategies to beat someone MUCH larger in MMA or on the street

One of Jeff’s strategies involves using your speed to your advantage if you are the smaller man. You can do this by letting your opponent come to you and then looking to counter. According to Jeff, the only advantages a bigger, stronger opponent possesses is in their strength and power which doesn’t seem like very much especially considering there are so many factors in fighting.

Another strategy Jeff goes over in the video is that he recommends not grappling with a larger opponent as their size and strength are too draining. However, I reckon if you yourself have a background in grappling that is probably what you should do against a larger opponent, particularly if you detect your opponent isn’t well-versed in grappling him or herself.

Check out the above video to find out the other strategies that can help you defeat a MUCH larger opponent either in MMA or on the street.

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