Backyard brawler challenges pro MMA fighter

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

There’s a big difference between being a backyard brawler and a mixed martial artist, as this cocky character learned after challenging a pro-fighter to go toe-to-toe with him in the gym.

The impromptu scrap took place at the SSF Clarksville martial arts gym in Tennessee when a guy named Adam Hunter showed up boasting that he could beat any fighter in his weight class.

Hunter’s confidence apparently stemmed from his claims to have gone 40-0 while competing in unofficial backyard fights.

Apparently, Hunter then called out SSF fighter Steven Durr after learning that he had competed professionally in the past.

Durr is a featherweight who won a fight in the Strikeforce Challengers series as an amateur back in 2011 and then turned pro, where he would go 1-2 while competing for other respected promotions like ONE FC and XFC.

For the fight, Hunter wore headgear, while Durr opted not to and also had shin guards on. Both fighters were also wearing boxing gloves, suggesting that this fight was going to be a striking-only affair.

As the bout begins, Hunter’s stance and movement suggest he has no clue what he’s doing. That’s confirmed soon afterward when he jumps into the air for no apparent reason and is clocked by a straight right, uppercut, straight right combination that knocks off his headgear!

Undeterred, Hunter readjusts and continues. However, Durr then starts landing some heavy legs and occasional punching combo’s that put Hunter almost entirely on the defensive, constantly back-peddling away to try to avoid being hit.

Towards the end of the round, Durr starts to unload with ripping shots to the body and a kick after backing Hunter up against the wall, leaving him cowering in a defensive shell, only to be saved by the bell.

Apparently a glutton for punishment, Hunter continued to round two, but things didn’t go any better for him as Durr was then able to drop him three times in quick succession with hard leg kicks until it became clear he’s had enough.

The SSF coaching staff had been willing to teach the humbled Hunter how to fight afterward, but apparently, he learned his lesson that day, as he hasn’t returned to the gym since.

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