Bodybuilder fights in MMA bout – ends surprisingly

Thursday, February 08, 2018

In this video from Russian amateur MMA promotion, Arrows Street Fight (also known as STRELKA), we see what happens when a bodybuilder fights in MMA and it doesn’t go like you’d necessarily expect.

Now, usually, but not as a rule, the big blown-up bodybuilder physiques tend to not do so well in MMA it seems. While size and strength definitely play a factor in fighting, the bodybuilder physique is not the most functional and all that muscle usually means you’ll be quick to tire as well.

Skill and technique are so much more important, and having big muscles do not really have much of anything to do with fighting like many people seem to think.

Bodybuilder fights in MMA bout - ends surprisingly
Bodybuilder fights in MMA bout – ends surprisingly

Nevertheless, while it appears that neither of the combatants in this video has the best skill or technique, the bodybuilder is surprisingly actually still able to get the job done here in this one so perhaps those big muscles may have helped after all.

After trading some heavy leather on the feet for much of the fight, the bodybuilder gets dropped yet it is actually his opponent who goes down after what looks to be a loss of balance.

The bodybuilder capitalizes on the situation and locks in a fight-ending choke shortly thereafter. Check out the video below to see how he does it as well as what choke he uses.

The project “Arrow. Street fights “started in the summer of 2011 in St. Petersburg. Anyone has the opportunity to take part in street battles without rules. For battles allowed only amateurs and semi-professionals. After a thorough analysis of the data and capabilities of the fighters, the jury forms approximately equal in strength pairs. In the battles involved men of different ages and social groups, which gives the project a truly popular and democratic character. [Source: YouTube]

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