BRUTAL and bloody fight between boxer and Savate practitioner – ends surprisingly

Monday, January 22, 2018

In this fight from amateur MMA promotion, Arrows Street Fight, we see something a little different for a change as a boxer takes on a seldom seen nowadays Savate practitioner and it ends in rather surprising fashion.

For those not aware, Savate is a French kicking-based martial art that differs from other kicking martial arts by focusing only on kicks using the foot region opposed to the shin or knee like in Muay Thai.

You don’t really see many Savate practitioners around nowadays as, to be frank, it doesn’t really seem like the most practical or effective style, especially for MMA competition. Though, while the video title refers to this guy as a Savate practitioner, he doesn’t really fight like one as he hardly throws any kicks at all and looks to be more like a standard kickboxer or even another boxer.

Savate practitioner vs boxer in BRUTAL back and forth fight
Savate practitioner vs boxer in BRUTAL back and forth fight

Compared to many other amateur Arrows bouts, at least this one is an evenly-matched, competitive affair. Many times these type of bouts are very one-sided stylistically and tend to end quite quickly. But this one goes the distance and also looks to be quite a brutal, grueling affair.

Both combatants get well bloodied up as well in this brutal affair and how it ends is actually quite surprising. Watch the full, back and forth fight below to see who comes out on top, you will most likely be surprised.

The project “Arrow. Street fights “started in the summer of 2011 in St. Petersburg. Anyone has the opportunity to take part in street battles without rules. For battles allowed only amateurs and semi-professionals. After a thorough analysis of the data and capabilities of the fighters, the jury forms approximately equal in strength pairs. In the battles involved men of different ages and social groups, which gives the project a truly popular and democratic character. [Source: YouTube]

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