Challenging Alistair Overeem to a pillow fight was a terrible idea

Saturday, July 08, 2017

In this video, we learn an important life lesson that if you ever find yourself partying on a yacht with UFC star Alistair Overeem then even a seemingly harmless pillow fight can become hazardous to your health!

This was back in 2009 when Overeem was still in the prime of his ‘Ubereem’ era, sporting an impossibly muscular build on his 6ft 4”, 256lb frame.

A couple of years earlier he had won Strikeforce’s heavyweight title by demolishing Paul Buentello with knees to the body, then returned to Japan to compete for the DREAM organization to fight the likes of Mark Hunt and Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic.

Overeem had then been scheduled to return to Strikeforce in July of 2009 to defend his title but was forced to pull out after injuring his hand during a nightclub brawl in which he and his brother Valentijn reportedly hospitalized no less than five bouncers.

That leads us to September of that year when this video was taken, with Overeem enjoying some vacation time in Croatia, partying on a luxury yacht.

Spinning music at the party was the dubiously named DJ Do You, who, along with a few of his friends, had the near-suicidal idea to challenge ‘The Reem’ to a pillow fight.

At first, it was all fun and games as Overeem joined in, but as the video caption points out, it quickly got to the stage that he got carried away and appeared to forget that it was just a friendly pillow fight.

That’s when the deadly Dutchman started rag dolling grown men, taking them down and dropping knees on their chests, at which point others hastily moved in to declare him star the winner before he started decapitating people!

Only a matter of weeks later Overeem was back where be belonged in the ring, winning three times in the space of three months.

2010 would then prove to be a remarkable year for the star, winning DREAM’s heavyweight title, defending his Strikeforce belt and capping it off by also winning K-1’s heavyweight kickboxing Grand-Prix a well.

He’s since moved on to competing for the UFC, where he remains a major player to this day, and no doubt still has a mean pillow-fighting game, so don’t even think about it!

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